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Commercial Office Complex

Mixed use Commercial Office Complex / Parking Garage
City of Nassau, Bahamas
Est. Cost: $100 Million
The Anglican Diocese of the Bahamas and The Turks and Caicos Island currently operates out of the historic Addington House - Built in the 1800s and once the residence of the Anglican Bishop. The house sits atop a hill with breathtaking views overlooking the Nassau Harbor to the North. The site is located in the City of Nassau and is bound by two major thoroughfares that run east and west at its frontage and rear, and north and south by an artery where the nation's largest Hospital is located.  
A vision was realized by a development group in conjunction with the Diocese, to create a development that would transform the existing site and its surroundings into a vibrant and economically-profitable mixed-use project. In doing so, LC&A was able to come up with a very attractive scheme that was favorable to the clergy and its partners. The project was granted approval-in-principle and is on the boards.
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