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Group Approach. Opportunity.

The ability not to relinquish the old yet responding to the most technologically advanced challenges of today and beyond, is one of the characteristics that have set us at the forefront in the design profession. LCA embraces the credit that a multidisciplinary group approach is required. Our team of Professionals properly address the complex, technical and environmental issues which are confronted by society today. The project team is comprised of a Project Manager together with a Principal to ensure confidence, direct communication and coherence with our clients. It is not important that LCA dates back to 1973, or that our top clients have been with us for more than 30 years. What is important is our cohesive-collegial culture. Our aim is to attain the best solution to our client needs and budget constraints, while at the same time ensuring execution of the project in a timely manner.

With a combined staff of 15, we are continuously looking for candidates with the ability to join our vibrant team of professionals.


Nassau (Corporate) Office:

Nothing at this time

Freeport Office:

Nothing at this time

Santiago, Chile (International) Office:

Nothing at this time


Interested persons should email cover letter, resume and portfolio to the following: 

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