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Design Competition for New Central Bank Building and Urban Design Plan for City of Nassau

Design Competition for New Central Bank Building and Urban Plan for City of Nassau
Nassau, Bahamas

The Central Bank of The Bahamas, the financial pillar of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas was established in 1973 to coincide with the inauguration of the independence of the Bahamas from Great Britain. The bank was built a year later to carry out the independent monetary policy and financial sector supervisory functions mandated as an emerging new nation. The bank experienced rapid growth over the past forty-three years, both in terms of its responsibilities and manpower. Similarly, the City of Nassau where the bank maintains its’ presence, is considered the financial hub and also enjoys a long history of vibrancy due to its ideal location to the harbor; bringing in millions of tourist traffic through its maritime cruise ship port of entry, and who have come to love the abundance of rich Bahamian history and hospitality, and walker-friendly city with its plethora of souvenir and high-end boutique shops, cafes, and the world famous Straw Market.

It is for these reasons that the Central Bank through its Urban Planning design Committee with input from the relevant government stakeholders held a design competition in the early spring of 2018 for the purpose of seeking designs from local Bahamian architects, through a design completion for the replacement of its existing building in conjunction with devising a comprehensive scheme for the revitalization of the Downtown Nassau. Having been shortlisted through the competition’s initial submission criteria, Lawrence Chisholm & Associates in collaboration with Zyscovich Architects, Inc., a renowned and award winning US-based architectural firm with a celebrated track record in urban and master planning, entered a substantial well thought out vision for the bank and the broader City of Nassau.

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